October 2017

Scope Security: making the Bike Off safe

Scope Security ltd   is based in Oxford and offers an innovative approach to security supervision principally in the Oxfordshire area and its surrounding counties. They provide a high standard of Door Security and Static Security Services.

Scope Security are proud to be able to support the Great British Bike off in 2017. As an Oxford based business, we look  to be involved in helping those fund-raise for local charities such as Ark-T.

 We believe The Great British Bike Off is such a fantastic and unique event -one that we are excited to be part of .

 Our team look forward to providing the Security on the day to help ensure safety amidst the fun.



Bike customisation workshops in full swing

The Ark-T centre’s very own resident artists have been working hard with local youth groups to get the bike decorating started.

From Trax in Wolvercote, to Wood Farm Youth Club, young people have been taking part in the preparations and have been customising bikes to represent their areas. They have used recycled and reclaimed materials in order to decorate bikes and have even been restoring old, broken bikes to working conditions.


Volunteers needed

We need volunteers to support with set up, take down and stewarding for this event

Aspire is supporting this event in partnership with the Oxford youth charity, Ark T. We are looking for some enthusiastic volunteers to help with with set up, take down and stewarding a new event in central Oxford. Can you help give our Bike Off participants a lift with some positive attitude?

No experience is necessary and you will be given a full briefing and anything you need will be given on the day.

Find out more –

Aspire Oxford and the Bike Off

Aspire Oxford is delighted to be supporting Ark T with their inaugural Great British Bike Off event on Saturday 21st October. We will be helping with the event management on the day to ensure it is a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

Planning to enter a bike ?

The Bike Off is only a few weeks away and we hope you are as excited as we are about the forthcoming event.

If you are planning to enter a bike, please tell us so that we can send you key information in the next few weeks about the start and finish times, the schedule for the event and where to go when you arrive on the day.

In the meantime, please let us know how you are getting on with your bike. Also, if you have any pictures you’d like to share on Social Media then we’d love to see them.

You can register your bike here:

September 2017

Video – how to customise a bike in 30 seconds

HERE IT IS! How to create a customised bike in 30 seconds (ok, it actually took a day).

We hope you enjoy! But most importantly don’t put off entering your bike in the BikeOff.

Jozef Metelka on cycling, adversity and wellbeing

We interviewed World Champion Elite Paralympic Cyclist Jozef Metelka to get his views on cycling, coping with adversity and wellbeing   




Jozef Metelka is truly an inspiration to anyone who has faced adversity.  Always a keen sports enthusiast, he came to Oxford Brookes in 2007 to study Sports and Coaching.  

However his life was turned upside down in 2009 after he lost a leg following a serious motorcycle accident.   After his accident, he was determined to get back to enjoy skiing, mountain-biking tennis and many other sports. In fact, rather than being a hindrance, losing his leg made him even more determined.  

In 2009 he completed his studies at Oxford Brookes University. Since becoming an elite cyclist in 2014, Josef has gone onto to do amazing things, breaking world records, becoming world champion and even racing against world track elite cyclists.  


Why is cycling important ?  

 Cycling is really important for the environment. It provides an alternative mode of transport. In fact, cycling can be seen as a combination of saving the planet and improving your health.  

And you don’t have to be an elite sportsman or woman to enjoy cycling. Sports like cycling give you a sense of freedom and wellbeing.   

They are also good for motivating youngsters to get into sport. Through cycling youngsters can gain self-belief and learn many useful skills.  

Events like the Bike Off are great because they raise the profile of cycling and encourage people to get involved, who perhaps didn’t think that cycling was for them. 


What’s next for you ? 

My big dream is to bring cycling and Para cycling closer together, and to change people’s perception of Para cycling. We are also elite athletes.   At the Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Glasgow in November 2016 I competed against elite cyclists and could have made the top ten with a bit more training and preparation. 

Find out more about Jozef



The Bike Off, Creativity, Cohesion and building a great cycling city – Councillor Louise Upton

Councillor Louise Upton
Oxford’s Champion of Cycling

When Oxford City Council recently unveiled “Oxford is a Cycling City” signs on every major road into the city, it was a statement of intent.

It was part of the Council’s long term transport strategy, which proposes to replicate the commuter cycle rate in its twinned city Leiden, in the Netherlands.  Overall the Council hopes to increase the number of commuters who cycle to work from 17% to 70%.

The new Bike Off event can be another step towards our goal of making Oxford one of the world’s great cycling cities.

Cycling is already such an important part of Oxford life. And we can build on this for the better of our city and our visitors. In fact there are so many things in the city that could be put right if only more people cycled … Things like congestion, pollution, fitness and health.

But there’s more to it than that. For me, cycling is all about equality too.  Bikes are a great leveller. They are cheap to own, and easy to use.  When I cycle around the city, I’m in the same company as people from all walks of life.

And, with the new dockless cycle schemes recently launched in Oxford by various companies you can even rent well-maintained bikes for a small fee.

Anything that puts more people onto bikes is a good thing, as far as I’m concerned.

Creativity and cross-community cohesion

Oxford is already home to a number of other bike events, each with their own different focus and appeal. It’s great that all of these various events complement each other.

What really grabbed my attention about the Bike Off project was both the link to creativity and the inclusiveness.  The event is organised by the Ark-T Centre in Cowley, which uses creativity to change lives. They are specifically encouraging people from all parts of the wider Oxford community to come together in this event.   I know that the Centre has been running workshops for disadvantaged youngsters to help them customise bikes kindly donated by Trax.

And it’s great that the event is actively encouraging people from the disabled community to be involved too.

Ambitious plans for an ambitious City

These are really ambitious aims but then the City’s plans for cycling in Oxford are ambitious too !  We wish the Bike Off every success and we can’t wait to see not only what the incredibly creative and imaginative people of Oxford can come up with  but also a wide range of our community getting involved in this unique new event.



Bike Off marketing materials now available

Do you need some posters or leaflets to help promote the Bike Off ?

We now have a range of printed marketing materials, courtesy of Hunts Printers in Kidlington.

If you would like to get hold of these materials, please contact us.


JackFM marketing campaign kicks off

Our marketing campaign to promote the BikeOff has started !

Listen out for our promos on JackFM and Jack2.   You can even help to design the JackFM bike (because they are too lazy to do it themselves).


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