October 2017

Royds Withy King tell us why they partnered with the Bike Off

And now, a word from our sponsors:

Tracy Norris Evans, Partner at Royds Withy King Solicitors







“In 2014-2015, approximately 15% of over-16s living in England cycled at least once per month: this equates to approximately 6.6 million people”

On 21 October 2017, Oxford will launch its first customised bike festival, The Great British Bike Off!

The festival will celebrate creativity, culture, and cycling, providing an opportunity for cyclists, and wheelchair and mobility aid users, to show off their innovative skills by personalising their wheels.

Royds Withy King are delighted to be sponsoring the inaugural event.

In 2014-2015, approximately 15% of over-16s living in England cycled at least once per month: this equates to approximately 6.6 million people[1].

As both a driver and a cyclist myself, I am acutely aware of the number of bicycles on our roads, and of the county’s long association with cycling. As a personal injury solicitor at Royds Withy King, I am also, unfortunately, all too familiar with instances on our roads where cyclists have been injured or killed.

Royds Withy King have a specialist personal injury team who advise cyclists and their families who have been the victims of accidents. The team regularly secure compensation to enable those injured to obtain the care and support they need to move forward with their lives.

We believe in offering a holistic approach, working with treating clinicians to fully understand our clients’ needs.  Our relationship with the client doesn’t end once the claim has been concluded: we are able to assist with both the establishment and the management of trust and deputyships to protect the compensation award, should they be required.

As we are regularly instructed in claims of this nature, we believe that both road users and cyclists alike can show a greater level of awareness and respect towards one another.  If both parties are able to improve their behaviours, the number of accidents and injuries on our roads will begin to decrease.  It is our hope that The Great British Bike Off will not only lead to a wider appreciation of the number of cyclists on Oxford’s busy streets but will also raise funds for the Ark-T Centre which aims to change young lives through creativity.

[1] Active People Survey

Team RWK get involved in #BikeOff preparation:

Royds Withy King get involved in customising a bike for the event

Schedule for the day

Here’s the detailed schedule for the day:








Music starts and event is counted down


Arrival of Lord Mayor, Councillor Jean Fooks

Competition runs

Competition judging

Winners announced (prize giving by Lord Mayor)


Map of the event:

Map of the bike off festival area 2017

August 2017

Up and coming Pony Bikes becomes Official Sponsors of the BikeOff

In October 2017, Oxfordshire welcomes its very first customised bike festival and, at the same time, hundreds of Pony Bikes all over the city! We are honoured to be the Official Sponsors of The Great British Bike Off and share our passion for cycling within such creative and active community.

At Pony Bikes we are not just a young company, we are a health and happiness promoting company, a public transportation, technology company and most of all, a sustainable and eco-friendly company.

A new dockless bike sharing scheme for Oxford

We provide a dockless bike sharing scheme: a bit like Boris’ Bikes but with Pony Bikes, the “intelligence” is on the bike itself and not on the docking station. Once you download the app, you can easily find a bike near you and unlock it by scanning the QR code on the bike. When you’re done, you can park anywhere you would park your own bike and the system automatically calculates the price of the ride.

“This provides the ultimate freedom of being able to cycle whenever and wherever you want. The beauty is that you no longer have to bother with the maintenance of your bike, the location of the next docking station or whether this station is going to have space available.” Paul-Adrien Cormerais, Founder and CEO.

We are very excited to have our debut in Oxford, a city with rich student life and superb infrastructure for cycling. The city will benefit greatly from reduced congestion and lower carbon footprint, bike-sharing totally rewrites the rules for short urban trips. The opportunity of being at The Bike Off festival will for sure help us spread the love for green bikes, pink bikes, beautifully weird bikes and time-proof bikes. We hope you’ll join us for a great time!

More about Pony Bikes

Ark-T Centre and the Bike Off

We are really excited to be part of The Great British Bike Off. This will be a new exceptional public art festival which we hope will engage people from all over Oxfordshire through their love of cycling and bicycles.

The Ark-T Centre in Cowley is a small but vital force in Cowley. We’re a charity that passionately supports those who face discrimination, who feel unheard and invisible.   We’re all about using creativity as a vehicle for personal development and social change; creating exceptional public art and festivals which call out privilege, celebrate difference and increase community power.

At the Centre we run a wide range of workshops and projects including Creativity camps, and special festivals celebrating Disability and Diversity, and we are supported by some fantastic resident local artists.


Combining physical activity such as cycling with creativity is a wonderful example for how creativity can be used to promote positive life choices.


For us the Bike Off is a new and exciting opportunity to reach a wider audience and also – in the true spirit of Ark-T –  create an innovative, imaginative, positive memory-making, fun family event which champions creativity for everybody and every age.  Creativity can improve Health and well-being. Combining physical activity such as cycling with creativity is a wonderful example for how creativity can be used to promote positive life choices.

Emmy O’Shaughnessy, Director Ark-T Centre

We do hope you take part in the Bike Off or just come along to enjoy the spectacle –   hope to see you on the 21st October !

More about Ark-T Centre

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